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The Bradshaw Electric Vehicle Model FB2 offers the ultimate in versatility in load capacities, vehicle configurations, vehicle performance and specifications.
The unique frame design allows the vehicle to be customised to meet specific needs without compromising vehicle durability, safety or performance.
The vehicle design utilises an automotive differential and provides the most reliable drive train in the industry and is complete with fully adjustable controller giving regenerative\ dynamic braking and speed management. The FB2 is available in 36 volt and 48 volt configurations which will allow speeds from 7mph to 15mph, without any compromise in performance. It is equipped with lead acid, deep cycle batteries and charged by an on board automatic charger. Configuring the vehicle with a hitch allows it to be used as a tow vehicle. The FB2's ability to tow loads of up to 3.5 tonnes makes it one of the most versatile vehicles in the industry.

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